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Lama Hajj 06 Nov 2019

Night 21: Banging Pots, Protesting Controversial Seafront Properties, And Feminist Marches

It seems surreal to say “night 21 of the revolution”. Most of us can’t remember what we were doing three weeks ago yet here we are on what should be a dull Wednesday evening, and Beirut is abuzz with the sound of banging pots and echoing chants. Here’s what’s going on:

First, the chants:

Tonight, protestors chose to direct their focus to the controversial resort Eden Bay, a massive seafront property built on what was previously Beirut’s last and only public beach. Eden Bay has previously sparked criticism and outrage, and tonight is no different.

Protestors gathered in the vicinity of this eyesore of a hotel and chanted things like, “el ba7er ilna ilna” (the sea is ours, ours), and “hela hela hela hela ho, el shatt la 2ilna ya 7elo” (the shore is ours). Protestors managed to destroy the wall that fences off the property, making their way down to the beach where they’re currently holding a bonfire.

Second, what’s with the banging of the pots?

Cacerolazo cacerolada. Bless you! (Just kidding.) This is the name of this rather popular form of protest that is mostly practiced in South America. People make noise by banging pots and pans in order to call for attention, making their presence known in situations like state mandated curfews. In Beirut, this was called upon so people who could not attend protests for any reason could also partake.

The last time this happened in Beirut was back in 1916, during the Great Famine.

Last but not least, the feminist candlelight march.

A candlelight march was held in Martyr’s Square to honor the instrumental role played by women throughout this revolution, and the result was magical. A sea of candlelight and some banging on the gates in protest!