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Fatima Al Mahmoud 07 Nov 2019

Lebanese Protestors Strike Again With Another Impromptu Baby Shark Performance

You’ve most definitely heard about what happened with Eliane Jabbour and her 15-month-old son Robin, when a crowd of cheering protestors gathered around her car as she was driving through Baabda District on the third day of the nation wide protests.

When Jabbour found herself surrounded by the protestors, she immediately asked them not to be too loud, fearing that her toddler might get scared. Immediately, the protestors broke into an impromptu baby shark performance to soothe young Robin.

Soon after, the adorable video went viral, picking up attention from international media like CNN, Reuters, Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Independent, and more.

But earlier today, the popular toddler anthem made yet another appearance on the Lebanese streets, when a family driving through Bliss Street was surrounded by a group of protesting students from different universities. Skip to 00:48 to see what we’re talking about.