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Beirut.com 18 Nov 2019

More Recycling Has Been Done Throughout The Revolution Than In Lebanon’s History

Another victory for the revolution!

According to Greenpeace, an international environmental NGO, more recycling has been done in the past 33 days than in the history of Lebanon.

This proves that in a matter of days, citizens were able to successfully achieve what the politicians have failed to do in years on end.

In fact, only 11 days into the revolution, protestors had cleaned up and recycled more trash than Sukleen ever did since its founding.

Of course, Lebanese people didn’t miss the chance to rub it in the face of Fadi Jreissati, former Minister of Environment.

Post-edit: Green Peace reached out to clarify that their post was “a reflection of the positive commitment to recycle… rather than the actual figures.”

Although this claim was not backed with any factual numbers, the people’s readiness to recycling is an achievement in and of itself.