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Fatima Al Mahmoud 19 Nov 2019

3-0 Win For Lebanese Protestors, Here’s What They’ve Accomplished So Far

Despite all desperate, violent, and manipulative attempts to shut down the revolution and silence the people, Lebanese protestors are on a roll, growing more fierce and resilient with each passing day.

Over the past month, protestors have been taking to the streets, deploying alternating methods to make their voices heard and their demands clear. And so far, they’re winning with a 3-0 lead over the ruling class.

Here’s a rundown of the revolution’s three main victories thus far:

1. Saad Hariri Resigns As Prime Minister Of Lebanon

After nearly two weeks of ongoing protests all around Lebanon calling for the resignation of the Lebanese government, Saad Hariri has announced his resignation. This comes after widespread anti-government protests that took over the Lebanese streets.

By submitting his resignation, Hariri effectively topples the government.

2. Independent Melhem Khalaf Beats Party-Backed Candidates To Head Beirut Bar Association

Marking the revolution’s first (hopefully of many) electoral victories, the independent candidate Melhem Khalaf was elected to head the Beirut Bar Association beating out all the political party-backed players.

We hope this is the start of a turning tide in Lebanese elections, where independent candidates can tilt the current scales that have proven to be ineffective for decades on end.

3. Parliamentary Session Postponed For The Fifth Time

Today’s parliamentary session was just announced to be postponed again. This is the fifth time this session is postponed. The purpose of this session was to be the election of secretaries and commissioners, as well as to elect parliamentary committees, and vote on a controversial amnesty law.

The last time a parliamentary session was held was September 24, 2019.