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Fatima Al Mahmoud 21 Nov 2019

Young Protestors Bypass Security And Break Into Banque Du Liban

A group of young protestors from the “Youth Movement for Change” broke into the Lebanese Central Bank earlier today, bypassing security and recording a message for the masses from inside.

Loosely translated, the young man in the video says:

“We’ve come to Banque du Liban on the eve of Lebanon’s Independence Day to say that our full and complete independence is not only from a military rule, but it also includes independence from exploitation. We’re here today to protest the exploitation of the banks. BDL’s policies and that of its governor have always been biased to benefiting the banks on account of the state treasury and the people of Lebanon. BDL’s governor, who is a government employee, should be working FOR the people, not for those in power. We’re talking about years of monetary policies that have lead to the country’s current situation. We’re talking about financial engineering that works to give banks illegal and unimaginable profit, without the latter exerting any effort. We’re talking about unimaginable rates of interest that benefit those in power, which come straight out of our pockets. This is merely a minor part of our demands, which call for the recovery of the looted funds.”

In the video, the protestor was clearly cut off by a bank official, who can be seen heading towards the him and yelling at him to get out.

Not keen on being silenced, the young protestors posted to Facebook, claiming that both the young man in video and the young woman who was filming him were attacked by bank security. They also posted a full recording of their intended message on Facebook.

You can watch and read it below.