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Stuff We Love
Beirut.com 21 Nov 2019

22 Things We Love About Lebanon

Happy Independence Day!

1. Our love for our country, and our pride in the nation

2. Our strong women, the glue that holds our community together

3. Our sense of humor, that seems to supersede any tragedy

4. The smell of freshly baked man’ouche at the local furn

5. The small businesses

6. The fact that we’ll dabke anywhere and everywhere

7. The way people rally around one another during times of need

8. The new generation’s dedication to building a peaceful, functional country

9. Our dedication to dreaming big, against all odds

10. The little quirks

11. And the food.

12. The fact that no one can party like Lebanese people

13. Knefeh mornings

14. And nights that end with shawarma

15. The close knit nature of Lebanese communities

16. The creative spirits

17. The coast, the mountains, the valleys, and the cities

18. The unique identities of each area, each of which magical and wonderful in their own way

19. The decadent artists among us

20. The endless unique views

21. The quaint little things, that are somehow so big

22. The somehow perfect chaos