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Labib Mansour 11 Dec 2019

Protestors, Journalists Beaten And Cars Smashed In Ain el Tineh

Last night, protestors gathered around the residences of Joumblatt in Clemenceau, Judge Ghada Aoun in Achrafieh, and Nabih Berri in Ain el Tineh, amongst others.

Shortly thereafter, videos and photos of the protestors and journalists being beaten by security forces at the Ain el Tineh residence surfaced on Twitter — here is a preview:

Journalist Paula Naoufal of Annahar can be heard screaming that she’s a journalist while her car gets smashed.

Naoufal then put up a video showing her bloodied face.

Cars in the vicinity were smashed.

We hope everyone makes a speedy recovery. This is truly horrifying.