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Lama Hajj 13 Dec 2019

Lebanese Minister Marwan Kheireddine Hunts Animals For Fun

Since hunting humans is not currently accessible to local bankers and politicians (but stay tuned, it’s probably underway!), Lebanese Minister of State and Al-Mawarid Bank Chairman Marwan Kheireddine has decided he enjoys hunting animals for sport. Amazing!

And by amazing, I mean disgusting.

In a photoshoot in Hunter and Safari Magazine that can only be described as Trumpian, Kheireddine can be seen kneeling over the carcasses of a leopard, a Marco Polo sheep, a Brown Bear, an Iberian ibex, a crocodile, a giraffe, a moose, and others.

Side note, did you know that the Marco Polo sheep is a threatened species? Fun times!

Well, I hope you had fun your excellency. Also, a quick Google on your name told me you own the franchise of Virgin Megastores so that’s fantastic — I’ll happily boycott that.