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Beirut.com 04 Jan 2020

Tequila Remorse? Here Are 8 Hangover Cures From Around The World

Happy New Year, Lebanon!

In many ways, the holidays just might be the most dangerous season for our livers. Cozy nights in end up being wine-filled, and a laid-back dinner plan with friends can end up with bar-hopping through Mar Mikhael. Friends and family visit from abroad, and those of us who have to wake up in the morning for work can end up feeling like this is, in fact, the end of the world. If you’re hangin’, hang in there, because these hangover cures from around the world claim to be the cure to your worst hangover yet.

1. Pickle juice

Originating in Poland, this hangover cure suggests that you should just chug pickle juice. Filled with vinegar, water, and sodium, Polish people swear by it.

2. Oregano tea

Brewed with earthy Oregano, this hangover-curing tea originates in Ecuador. Oregano is known to calm an uneasy stomach, so this one probably works best for those who are feeling that dreaded hangover nausea.

3. A tomato juice/raw egg cocktail

Filled with vitamins and protein, some Americans swear by this hangover cure.

4. More booze

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You know that crazy friend of yours who claims the only cure to a hangover is having another beer? Well, maybe they’re right, because a lot of Europeans swear by it.

5. Coconut water

When you’re hungover in Bangladesh, do you just walk up to a tree, shake it, and drink the electrolyte-filled goodness? Sounds about right.

6. Green tea

Proven to be a natural hangover remedy, this cure was made famous in China.

7. English breakfast

You know what it is. You also know that it’s delicious, and it works.

8. Sparrow poop in a glass of Brandy

If you weren’t already feeling like a piece of shit, now you do. In Hungary, mixing Sparrow poop with brandy apparently cures your hangover. Good luck with that one!

And, of course if you’re craving some homegrown goodness to cure your aching head and grumbling stomach, why not stick to what we know best, a cheese manoushe!