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Beirut.com 01 Jan 2020

6 Of The Coziest Cafes In Beirut

Sometimes all we want to do is escape the hustle bustle of Beirut, relax, and maybe escape into our own little bubble. These amazingly cozy cafés are exactly what you need to get you through the cold weather.

1. The Coffee Room

Nestled on the lovely St Nicolas stairs, The Coffee Room screams all things kitsch, retro, and pop art! Drag your art loving friend and take them to this Gemmayze gem, where they can cozy up and feast on some delicious bakes.

2. Aaliya’s Books

Spacious interiors, friendly service, and free coffee refills make for one very cozy coffee shop. You can also find your next favorite read right on the bookshelves. Oh, did we mention it’s pet friendly?

3. Concierge Coffee

Cozy and chic, Concierge Coffee is the go-to coffee spot in the Badaro scene. Make your way to the large dessert table and pick the perfect companion for your cup of coffee. Cakes, coziness, and coffee, the makings of a perfect morning. Sit next to the large window and people watch as you sip your coffee and tuck into some of those tasty bites.

4. Home Sweet Home

Your home away from home, here you can enjoy large couches, comfy interiors, and a fantastic array of food. You’ll end up spending hours here sipping on cappuccinos and making memories.

5. Papercup

Tucked away on one of the streets of Mar Mikhael (facing Baron and Maryool), is Beirut’s most charming library and coffee shop, Papercup. The compact but well-lit space is chockfull of eye-catching books, magazines, and periodicals. Despite the limited seating, you’ll find great espresso and a delicious bake or two.

6. Grid at Antoine

Urban cafe meets an amazing bookstore! With quiet vibes and comfy chairs, grab a muffin, a cup of coffee, and zone out.