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Beirut.com 10 Jan 2020

5 Snow Activities Happening This Weekend

Let it snow!

1. Cedars of God Snowshoeing VT

What: Discover the cedar forests of Lebanon’s; oldest documented forests in history. It makes a beautiful site, especially in winter, when snow covers it all and gives it a feeling of peace and calmness, and wander around the sculptures of Rudy Rahmeh, adding beauty to this historical forest with Vamos Todos EcoTourism CLub. The walk will be one a moderate level. We will walk all in the reserve and enjoy the peaceful sight of snow-covered cedar trees.

When: Saturday, January 11

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2. Snowshoeing Laqlouq with Golden Feet

What: As usual, snowshoeing offers us the unique experience of calm and serenity. Discover Laqlouq’s beauty with Golden Feet while walking on snow, you will pass through white peaks, giving the impression of being in the sky. As usual, there will be two levels of difficulty. Lunch will be in this beautiful area.

When: Sunday, January 12

Where: Laqlouq

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3. Snowshoeing Experience at Tannourine Cedars Reserve

What: A trip to Tannourine is well worth it in Winter Season! Join Green Steps on Sunday 12.01.2020 for a snowshoeing experience at Tannourine Cedars Reserve walking through its white trails and trees, and admiring the stunning mountainous landscape, covered in white.

When: Sunday, January 12

Where: Tannourine

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4. Building Igloo and Snow Zumba with the Wolves Clan

What: Have you ever discovered how to make an igloo or build a snow house? This winter, don’t wait!
Although igloos are usually associated with Inuit, a shelter for the Eskimos. But with the lead of Wolves Clan’s experimented instructors, we will build a strong and a compact Igloo because working with the snow is a great skill.

When: Sunday, January 12

Where: Byblos

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5. Snowshoeing Hadath el Jebbe with Lebanese Explorers

What: Snowshoeing in the hill of Hadath el Jebbe overlooking the area, you will pass by Niha and Tannourine until you reach the Cedars forest which is magical in the snow! Snowshoein distance: 6 kms (equivalent to 9kms of hiking) and moving time around 3-4 hours. Difficulty level: Moderate. Weather condition: Sunny all day on Saturday☀️.Sunny on Sunday morning☀️and possible snowfalls around noon (which you dont wanna miss❄️)

When: Sunday, January 12

Where: Jdeideh-metn, behind Sagesse Garden

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