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Mia Arawi 17 Jan 2020

Happening Now: Doctors Sit-In Across Lebanese Hospitals To Protest Decline Of Medical Sector

In light of the rapidly declining economic crisis and the financial collapse that is looming, doctors are staging sit-ins across different hospitals in the country in protest of the state of the healthcare sector.

St. Georges Hospital

Hotel Dieu


As previously reported, the dollar crisis has resulted in hospitals running low on crucial pieces of medical equipment such as surgical sutures, blood bags, and certain tools needed for life-saving surgeries such as open heart operations and the like.

Meanwhile private hospitals are owed $1.3 billion in unpaid bills by the state and labs are dangerously short on supplies. On the other hand, the patients can’t withdraw cash to pay healthcare bills, and several hospitals have been forced to stop treating cancer patients due to the shortages in supplies and equipment.