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William Daou 04 Feb 2020

Why Is Toters, The Lebanese Delivery App, Charging Our Cards From The USA?

We know that the ride app Careem charges our cards in the UAE (they’re based in Dubai), Indian company Zomato charges our cards in UAE (the site of their Middle East HQ), American Netflix charges us in the States, and on and on – but we had always thought the local food delivery app Toters would charge us in Lebanon so imagine our surprise when we got a charge from the States!

Is Toters a Lebanese or an American company? You ought to be aware that ordering dinner and paying online through Toters tonight could quite possibly kill your international spending limit.

After ordering a Kababji dinner, we sadly realized that our international limit had taken a hit. Upon calling the bank to check that this indeed did get taken out of the international spending limit, it was confirmed and hearts were broken.

PS: this was tip inclusive which begs the question, is Toters giving these drivers their tip in cash dollars or Lebanese Lira…or what?

Was it not enough that the bank killed our international spending limit by 90%?

Here are some facts, if you check the Toters website, they have their address listed as 1717 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 1025, Washington, DC, 20006:

And in checking their public company data, you’ll find this:

Then you check Google, and it says they’re located on Ibn Rabih Street in Mar Mikhael:

We had always understood that Toters was a local company – which is why we were happy to opt for them over competitors, so why are they banking in the States? This strategy isn’t new. Toters has always charged our cards abroad but in light of all the banking difficulties we’re all facing, we would have loved it if the company were to put out a notice informing its users that their cards were not charged locally. Just something to think about.

Because it’s convenient and time-saving, you can still order Toters and opt to pay cash on delivery (which half defeats the purpose but okay) or just the call the restaurants directly.