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Tala Ramadan 05 Feb 2020

On World Nutella Day, 12 Irresistible Desserts To Try In Beirut

That’s right, today we’re celebrating our favorite chocolate hazelnut spread with some of the most delicious desserts in the city.

1. Nutella Lava from Divvy

2. Minicalzone Ciocco (Nutella & Granarolo Mozzarella) from Manuccini’s

3. Nutella cookies from Outrageous

4. La Pizza Nutella from La PizzAria

5. Calzone Nutella from Tavolina

6. Nutella cake from Secrets

7. Nutella pop with Nutella drizzle from Pop City

8. The molten cake from Chili’s Beirut

9. Frooza Nutella overdose from Frooza Booza

10. Everything from My’tellaria

11. The chocolate overload cookie from Smushkies

12. Nutella Tartine bite from Oslo