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William Daou 03 Mar 2020

Here’s What $250K Will Buy You In 5 Areas In Lebanon

Have you saved up for retirement your entire life and are now scrambling to get rid of the money before the banks give you a haircut that leaves you looking like Robert Pattinson?

Here is what $250,000 will get you in each of Hamra, Achrafieh, Broumana, Zouk Mosbeh, and Ain el Remmeneh.

Note: all information below was generated using S-Gestion’s website, we did not confirm prices.


Listed for $190,000 is a 1 bedroom/1 bath 60 sqm apartment in Hamra.

Interested? Here you go.


Listed for $245,000 is a 1 bedroom/1 bath 65 sqm apartment in Sassine.

Interested? Here you go.


Listed for $230,000 is a 130 sqm 2 bedroom/2 bath in Broumana.

Interested? Here you go.

Zouk Mosbeh

Listed for $190,000 is a 136 sqm 2 bedroom/3bath in Zouk Mosbeh.

Interested? Here you go.

Ain el Remmeneh

Listed for $140,000 is a 113 sqm 2 bedroom/1bath in Ain el Remmeneh.

Interested? Here you go.