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Tala Ramadan 20 Mar 2020

5 Creative Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day In Quarantine

With everyone currently in quarantine in response to the coronavirus outbreak, Mother’s Day celebrations are being put on hold.

But for those of you who don’t want the day to go to waste, here are some creative yet responsible ways to celebrate.

1. Prepare a family Skype session

Just because you’re not in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t have lunch together! Arrange a time for everyone to sit down for a meal and spend an hour chatting and catching up with each other. Add some dessert for a sweet finale!

2. Send her flowers or a card through an online delivery service

When the new measures were announced, many delivery services were quick to inform customers that they would handle all their errands, including gift shopping and delivery. Flowers, chocolate, or personalized cards, have them delivered to your mama’s doorstep and visualize the smile on her face when she sees them.

3. Send her a video message over WhatsApp

If she’s anything like every parent over 60 years old, she might not be able to send one back. But, that doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate getting a video of your good wishes in the morning.

4. Celebrate with the neighbourhood

You’ve definitely seen videos of people singing and dancing from their balconies during quarantine, and now is your chance to do the same. Get outside and start singing “Sett El Habayib” and see how many of your neighbours join in!

5. Celebrate a different nation’s Mother’s Day

As every industry right now is saying, don’t cancel – just reschedule. There are plenty of countries around the world that celebrate Mother’s Day in October instead of March – Argentina’s, for example, is the third Sunday in October! Hopefully this whole thing would be over by then.