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Beirut.com 25 Mar 2020

8 Things Lebanese People Will Never Do Again

The pandemic might be ~temporary~ but its effect will live with us forever. Here are some things we’ll never do again!

1. Greeting people with 3 cheek kisses

Not even one kiss.

2. Fighting over the bill

Touching the bill, then each other, then the money? Nope, completely unsanitary.

3. Hosting indoor gatherings

Big crowds in confined spaces are not a good idea. Outside is more spacious and convenient for social distancing.


We’ve already been through the worst, so “la da3i lel hala3”.

5. Taking days off

We’ve had enough of that.

6. Ordering delivery

Nope, no more delivery. We’ll be personally going to restaurants, shops, and supermarkets when this is over.

7. Sharing an argeele

1 nabrish per person please.

8. Online dating

The next person you date will be someone you stumble into in a crowd, not some stranger you just swiped right on.

What else can you think of?