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Mia Arawi 30 Mar 2020

All Public Hospitals To Be Ready To Receive COVID-19 Patients In Lebanon

According to Minister of Public Health Hamad Hassan, governmental hospitals across Lebanon are being adequately prepared to receive COVID-19 cases if needed.

He explained that when the necessary medical equipment arrives early next week, all public hospitals will be ready to treat coronavirus patients in Lebanon.

This comes as confirmed coronavirus cases continue to gradually increase, reaching a total of 446 as of today – Monday, March 30.

The Rafic Hariri University Hospital was the first to host and treat coronavirus patients in the country, but with limited space and capacity, the need for more equipped hospitals was apparent.

In response, the Ministry of Public Health is calling on private hospitals to “be prepared in case they need them.”

Hamad also explained that hospitals refusing to cooperate will be legally pursued, as it is their responsibility to “welcome people, not close the door in their faces”, especially when their lives are at risk.