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Tanya Maalouf 30 Mar 2020

11 Things Everyone Seems To Be Doing In Quarantine

You are not alone.

1. Making cinnamon rolls.

Seriously, why is everyone making cinnamon rolls?

2. Filming Tik Toks

Even if you swore you’d never download the app.

3. Studying/working from home

Or at the very least, trying to.

4. Binge-watching every series and every movie ever made

A dream come true.

5. And when you’re done, watching Turkish soap operas with your mom

And now you’re hooked on them.

6. Working out at home.

Even if you’ve never stepped foot at the gym.

7. Video calling your friends 3 times/day.

Even if you have nothing to talk about.

8. Showing off your hidden culinary skills

And sharing their recipes.

9. Trying to avoid an identity crisis.

Who am I?

10. Texting your EX.

A very, very bad idea.

11. Losing your mind.

And counting the seconds until this is all over.