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Mia Arawi 01 Apr 2020

Here’s How You Can Volunteer For Lebanon’s COVID-19 Helpline

As part of the Lebanese community’s recent efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic, Rafic Hariri University Hospital and Ogero have joined forces to launch the national COVID-19 helpline.

Operating from Bir Hassan, the helpline is currently seeking volunteers to get it going.

Interested in joining?

Here’s what you have to know:

– You should be available during the day for long shifts, and can get in touch with The Volunteer Circle to sign up.

– Once recruited, you will receive a formal briefing that is similar to the Lebanese Red Cross’ first aid training.

– You will learn how to deal with urgent cases and redirect them to hospitals.

– Finally, you’ll be part of the community force leading the vicious battle against the coronavirus. You would also be saving lives.

If interested, contact the Volunteer Circle on 71 412 830.