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Beirut.com 01 Apr 2020

On April Fool’s Day, 15 Lies No Lebanese Will Ever Believe

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Here’s a roundup of some lies that Lebanese people will never believe. What else can you think of?

1. “L lira b alef kheir”

2. We’re getting 24/7 electricity.

3. You can get a job without a wasta in Lebanon.

4. The Lebanese economy is not crashing.

5. You can still withdraw dollars from Lebanese banks.

6. The internet in Lebanon is extremely fast.

7. Lebanese women can pass on their nationality to their children.

8. You need 30 minutes from the mountains to the sea.

9. There’s no pollution in Lebanon, whatsoever.

10. The roads never flood when it rains in Lebanon, we have great infrastructure.

11. Free speech is alive and well.

12. The Lebanese passport can get you into any country you want, hassle-free.

13. The media in Lebanon is objective and independent.

14. Lebanese waters are clean and perfectly safe for people to swim in.

15. Lebanese politicians work for the benefit of the people.