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Tala Ramadan 10 Apr 2020

Lebanese Diaspora Raises $1Million In Support Of 28,751 Vulnerable Families

As this pandemic continues to upend people’s livelihoods and create significant distress across a country already facing an economic crisis, Beit El Baraka, Lebanese Food Bank and SEAL NGO offered some much needed relief through the launch of the ‘Feed a Lebanese Family in Need’ program, a campaign that aims to address the worsening hunger crisis in Lebanon.

The campaign broke the record on its first day of fundraising, last Sunday, and raised $1 million in just one hour. Using this money, food boxes will be sent to vulnerable families.

While the amount raised supports 28,751 vulnerable families, the Lebanese Food Bank has a list of 55,000 families in need of food, so let’s make sure all of these families are fed and keep the donations coming to insure social stability at least on the hunger front. So for those of you who have the means, do consider contributing to this heartwarming initiative because together, we can get through this. Click here to learn how to donate.

It’s amazing to see such an outpour of generosity and solidarity, it makes our hearts grow.