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Lama Hajj 10 Apr 2020

20 Things That Lebanese Moms Adore

Someone explain their obsession with Julio Iglesias because I cannot handle it.

1. Forwarding fake news on WhatsApp.

No, eating a bag of lemons every day for a month won’t get rid of diabetes.

2. Making sure everyone on planet earth is wearing several layers.

3. Julio Iglesias.

Seriously, why?

4. Not letting you go outside with wet hair.

5. Being dramatic about their death.

“Shu bta3mlo lamma moot?”

6. Hating on any and all food delivery.

7. Buying the same article of clothing in two colors.


8. Fucidine/Fucicort.

9. Telling you that your earbuds are going to destroy your hearing.

10. Selecting walking as their preferred method of exercise.

11. Complaining about leftover food.

12. …then proceeding to make massive quantities of it.

13. Al Pacino.


14. Religiously watching soap operas.

15. Telling you that there’s labneh whenever you express hunger.

16. Spontaneously handing you the phone while they’re talking to their friends.

17. Shitting on our lifestyle, no matter what it is.

18. Coffee.

19. Guilt-tripping you for having regular things like moods and emotions.

20. Loving us unconditionally.