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Lama Hajj 10 Apr 2020

Largest Drug Bust In Lebanese History, 25 Tons Of Hash Seized

In a ~dramatic~ video released by the ISF earlier today, it was revealed that the Lebanese authorities had completed the largest drug bust in Lebanese history.

A record 25 tons of hash hidden in bags of dirt distributed in eight separate trucks were stopped before reaching Beirut’s port, wherein they were seized. The funniest part is when they show the names of each strain, “Ah ya Hanane” is one of them and needless to say, it’s now on my bucket list. Another classic? “Kiki, do you love me” — whoever named these is clearly fucking cool and I hope we can hang out someday.

The dramatic vid ended with the security forces arranging the bags of hash into #تجار_الموت (dealers of death).

Those pesky hash related deaths!