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William Daou 10 Apr 2020

8 Types Of People Who Think The Coronavirus Is Fake

People dropping like flies isn’t reason enough for these folks to believe that there really is a virus turning the world upside down. Here are a few types of people who think that Corona is a hoax.

1. Your Instagram friend who believes in horoscopes and the energy of the moon.

They’ll argue that somehow, the fast food industry is implicated.

2. Your friend who once tried his hand (and lost) at the stock market.

ThIs iS ALl A cONspiRacY To rEshuFFLe The WorLD eConOMIc OrDeR.

3. Your friend who spent their whole childhood researching the illuminati.

Lizard people, etc.

4. The instagram influencer who has run out of content

5. Your Lebanese grandma

Gorona? Meen ya3ne Gorona?

6. Your friend who is a Trump supporter

7. The person who thinks this is all a ploy by TikTok to get more users

A stretch.

8. Your friend who forwarded the message to 30 people

Quit it.