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Beirut.com 16 Apr 2020

Here Are The Most Googled Recipes During Quarantine In Lebanon

With many of us seeking comfort in the kitchen during this quarantine, we were curious to see what everyone was making.

So we tried to find the top Google searches in Lebanon over the past 12 months, using “recipe” as a keyword, and the result was nothing less than pleasing.

Here’s what we found:

– The search for the term “recipe” went up by 61% since the lockdown was first announced on March 15.

– The most popular search queries were as follows (we left out repetitions):

1. Cake Recipe

2. Crepe Recipe

3. Pancake Recipe

4. Cookies Recipe

5. Chocolate Cake Recipe

6. Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

7. Pizza Dough Recipe

8. Lazy Cake Recipe

9. Cheesecake Recipe

10. Easy Cake Recipe

11. Banana Cake Recipe

12. Brownies Recipe

13. Chicken Curry Recipe

14. Pain Perdu Recipe

15. Chicken Breast Recipe

16. Crab Salad Recipe

17. Lasagna Recipe

18. Banana Bread Recipe

19. Sable Recipe

20. Waffle Recipe

21. Pornstar Martini Recipe

22. Sangria Recipe

– The search queries with the biggest increase in search frequency (more than 5000%) are as follows:

1. Pizza Dough Recipe

2. Lazy Cake Recipe

3. Banana Bread Recipe

4. Brownie Recipe

5. Pesto Sauce Recipe

6. Maamoul Recipe

7. Fettuccine Recipe

8. Baguette Recipe

Now, which of these have you googled yourself?