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Beirut.com 17 Apr 2020

Ahla Fawda Organize Surprise Concert For RHUH Staff And Patients

Local NGO Ahla Fawda have organized a surprise live mini concert at the Rafic Hariri University Hospital as a means to morally support and entertain COVID-19 patients and staff.

Using cranes from Auto Khaled, entertainers @joy_fayad and @oliver_maalouf were lifted mid-air to overlook the coronavirus ward at the hospital, where doctors, nurses, and patients took to the windows to watch the concert.

The initiative was organized with the support of @khebz_w_meleh, @lbcovid_19, and @mission_joy_lebanon, as a simple gesture to bring a smile to the frontliners’ faces.

“The aim is to shed light and pay gratitude to all the healthcare professionals who are sacrificing their time, compromising their lives to protect us and to bring a smile and gesture of hope to the patients, to remind them all that they are not alone. We care,” wrote Ahla Fawda in an Instagram caption.

“Whatever we do, it can never be enough to show our appreciation for the medical teams, and our heartfelt well wishes to all those battling COVID-19,” they continued.