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Labib Mansour 19 Apr 2020

20 Things That Lebanese Dads Adore

After listing the 20 things that Lebanese moms adore, here’s our paternal version.

1. The remote control.

2. Walking into the house with 65 crates of all the fruits and vegetables.

3. Oum Koulthoum.

4. Post-lunch naps.

These are sacred.

5. Their keresh.

6. Snoring.

7. Referring you back to your mother.

8. Watching the news.

9. Their “#1 Dad” mug.

The one you once got him for Father’s Day.

10. Narrating war stories from their childhood.

11. Your mom’s cooking.

“Fi atyab men akel el beit?”

12. Calling their daughter their “princess”.

13. Calling their son “rejjel el beit”, even if he’s fresh out of the womb.

14. Tea.

15. Thinking they’re ridiculously cool…

16. and thinking they’re hilarious.

17. Farrouj.

18. Their embroidered robe.

19. Teaching their kids how to drive.

20. Their children, forever and always.