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Tanya Maalouf 21 Apr 2020

20 Things That Will Break A Lebanese Mother’s Heart

You think your high school breakup was painful? Try being a Lebanese mother going through one of these things.

1. When none of her children aspire to be engineers, doctors, or lawyers.

2. When you criticize her food.

3. When you lose her Tupperware.

4. When you have ambitions beyond simply getting married.

5. When she’s telling a story and you correct her in front of people.

6. When no one offers to help her around the house.

7. When you don’t introduce her to the person you’re seeing.

8. When you don’t accept her follow request on Instagram.

9. When she tries to inquire about your personal life and you shut her out.

10. When she cooks for the family but everyone chooses to eat out

11. When you answer back to her in front of people.

12. When you choose to move abroad for a better future.

How dare you?

13. When you refuse to meet someone she’s trying to set you up with.

14. When she asks “fi hada hek hek?” and you say no.

15. When her first granddaughter is not named after her.

16. When she tries to recreate your restaurant’s favorite dish and you don’t like it.

17. When you choose to hang out with your friends instead of spending time with her.

18. When you don’t like her Facebook status.

19. When you refuse to wear that ugly sweater she got you.

20. When you don’t let her show you off in front of her friends.