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Labib Mansour 01 May 2020

12 Gandour Products That Defined Our Lebanese Childhood

Did you really have a Lebanese childhood if you didn’t feast on these goodies?

1. Unica

If this was not THE wafer of your childhood, then you might want to reconsider your entire past.

2. Tarboush

This marshmallow-filled treat will always be an all-time favorite.

3. Tutti Frutti

1 chocolate bar, 4 flavors? Count me in.

4. Yamama

The ultimate elementary school snack. Layered, stuffed, and beloved.

5. Dabké

Almost as good as the dance.

6. Gandour gum

We can smell this picture.

7. Lucky 555 biscuits

Delicious alone, delicious with raha, and delicious in any dessert recipe. These biscuits are the real OG.

8. Cream biscuits

Our parents still have these with their coffee in the morning.

9. Safari

The only adventure we had as children was this safari chocolate bar.

10. TofiLuk

The Lebanese Twix, but only better. #SorryNotSorry

11. Pik-One

And the Lebanese KitKat.

12. Demolino

Caramel goodness! The simple pleasures in life.