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Fatima Al Mahmoud 13 May 2020

More Than 40 Lebanese Expats Disappeared Upon Arrival, MoPH Can’t Reach Them

This is simply outrageous.

More than 40 returning expatriates have reportedly “disappeared” upon arriving to Lebanon, preventing the Ministry of Public Health from reaching out and following up with them regarding their quarantine status. At least five of them have been accused of giving out wrong numbers and addresses to authorities, and are consequently being legally prosecuted by Governor of Mount Lebanon, Judge Mohamed Makkawi.

This is a serious violation of the conditions that these expats agreed to in order to return to the country, which include consistently being in touch with the Ministry and committing to self-quarantine.

But now more than 40 individuals with no sense of responsibility are posing a serious threat to themselves and their loved ones, risking an outbreak of the disease in their communities.

This could very well take us back to square 0, especially that Lebanon has recorded more than 100 cases in the past four days.