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Tala Ramadan 14 May 2020

These Pictures Show How People Creatively Took Over Their Rooftops During Lockdown In Lebanon

What is life like for Lebanon during the coronavirus lockdown?

AFP photographer Joseph Eid spent weeks documenting how people creatively took over their usually underused rooftops. The fascinating footage captures dance routines, fitness workouts, tennis matches, and more.

Lebanese Yoga instructor Rabih el-Medawar practices Acroyoga with his Ukranian wife, fellow Yoga instructor, and professional choreographer, Alona Aleksandrova, 24, on the roof of their apartment building in Ain El-Remmaneh.

Lebanese Artist Hayat Nazer draws a painting on the roof of her family’s apartment building in Tripoli, where she stays confined with her family.

Lebanese gymnast Karen Dib practices and fine-tunes her technique on the rooftop of her building in the town of Halat.

Lebanese Musician Ziad al-Zayyat (left) and his flatmate, interior designer Saad Molaeb (right), play their guitars and make music on the rooftop of their building in Hadath.

Sherazade Mami, a 28-year-old Tunisian professional dancer and performer at the Caracalla dance theater and a teacher at the Caracalla dance school, practices while wearing a surgical mask on the roof of her apartment building in Dekwaneh.

Syrian national Salah Sido Rcho smokes his shisha as he observes the pigeons on the rooftop of his building in Halat.

Lebanese public sector employee Anna Belle Shadarevian practices Tai Chi Chuan on the rooftop of her building in Zalqa.