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Tanya Maalouf 18 May 2020

14 Of The Most Delicious Street Foods To Try In Beirut

For your fix of good food on the go. How many have you tried?

1. Falafel from Sahyoun

2. French fries sandwich from Malek el Batata

3. Kafta sandwich from Hajj Nasr

4. Chicken sandwich from Marrouche

5. Francisco from Barbar

6. Escalope sandwich from Hammoudi

7. Chicken and beef shawarma from Restaurant and Falafel Joseph

8. Beef burger from Abu Afif

9. Chicken sub from Bliss House

10. Soujouk shawarma from Mano

11. Chocolate banana crepe from Tonino

12. Knefeh from Hallab

13. Akkawi kaake from Ka3keh Square

14. Lahme b3ajin from Ichkanian Bakery