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Beirut.com 26 May 2020

11 Hidden Gems In Lebanon That Need To Be On Your Bucket List

The pleasure of discovering a hidden gem and playing tourist in your country is truly unmatched. We know things tend to get overwhelming in Lebanon, but maybe taking a step back every once in a while and delving into this country’s beauty can help. Add these beautiful spots to your bucket list and get ticking!

1. Dar Alma Boutique Hotel – Tyre

A cozy boutique hotel overlooking the waterfront in Tyre, Dar Alma is a must-visit. Close to the Phoenician harbor, the hotel path is picturesque and colorful, so take the time to wander around and get lose in all its beauty. Whether you decide to drop by for breakfast or lunch, make sure you stick around long enough to catch a glorious sunset from their deck. Magical is an understatement when describing this experience.

2. The Chill Hill Experience – Wata El Joz

This getaway spot is situated in the middle of vast lands in Wata’ El Joz overlooking a breathtaking lake, so say hello to your new backyard! Stop by their bar for an enticing cocktail and raise the glass to a much needed escape from the chaos of it all. True to its name, the Chill Hill Experience is as chill as it gets. So disconnect and enjoy some downtime!

3. Lebanon’s Tiny House – Batroun

If you’ve ever dreamt of staying at a tiny house by the sea, then this is for you. Lebanon’s tiniest house is found in Bolero Batroun and is a definite must-visit. Not only is the house a beautiful sight to spot and stay in, it’s also a genius and simplistic initiative introduced by two Lebanese brothers. You can read more about it here.

4. Chez Maguy – Batroun

Colors, colors, and more colors. Chez Maguy is a beautiful restaurant overlooking the stunning shore of Batroun. This hidden gem stands out with its vibrant colors and unique interior. Serving delicious seafood as well, it’s a feast for the eyes and stomach!

5. Hardine Tree House – Hardine

Fulfill your childhood fantasies of living in a tree-house at this one of a kind retreat. A simple and cozy cabin in the middle of the Hardine pine forest in North Lebanon, this is the perfect spot to spend the night playing games and making memories with your loved ones.

They’re currently waiting for government authorization to open.

6. Odom Retreat – Mzaar Kfardebian

To say that Odom is the perfect getaway is an understatement. There is absolutely nothing more rejuvenating and soul-satisfying than spending the night at this retreat, surrounded by the most glorious scenes of the mountain tops. Whether summer or winter, Odom will welcome you with open arms, mesmerizing scenes, and a magical ambiance.

7. Se By Ocean Blue – Jbeil

With a beautiful wooden deck perched right over the shore, this spot is not to be missed. Se by Ocean Blue is a stunning seaside restaurant and lounge serving delectable cuisine and refreshing cocktails. Make sure to catch the stunning sunset from their deck or terrace for a unique experience.

8. Bouyouti – Chouf

We can rave and rave about this place and it still wouldn’t be enough. An escapism in the form of a beautiful nature-embedded guesthouse surrounded by majestic trees and the fresh Chouf air. With its mesmerizing location, gorgeous setting, and overall magical feel, Bouyouti will definitely keep you coming back for more.

9. Aurora Winery – Batroun

One of the underrated wineries in Lebanon, this gem is hidden in Rachkedde, Batroun on a mountain top. Once you get there, you will understand what we mean when we say the wine is other-worldly and the atmosphere and view is unbeatable.

10. Adonis Valley – Jbeil

An organic farm nestled under Fatri in Mount Lebanon where the hospitality is incomparable and the professionalism is unparalleled. You can visit the farms surrounding the premises and then enjoy a breakfast made with their organic products. You should at least have one farmer experience in your life, and so be sure to tick this one off your bucket list.

11. Guita Bed and Bloom – Akoura

An open terrace where you can star gaze, beautiful walking trails around the premise, an open kitchen where the most delicious farm to table food is prepared, a bonfire where all the unforgettable conversations are made around, and after you’re done with all that, you can opt to stay the night in this endearing bed and breakfast in Akoura.