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Mia Arawi 24 May 2020

9 Eid Traditions You Can Never Escape In Lebanon

Not even lockdown can kill these Eid traditions.

1. The awkward phone calls.

Doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen them in years or can barely remember their names, when your relatives call for Eid, you answer. So brace yourself for an awkward conversation filled with “lhamdella”s and “nshalla”s.

2. Waking up at the crack of dawn.

After a month of sleeping all day and staying up all night, that first day of Eid will slap you right back into reality.

3. The ma3moul overdose.

Our favorite Eid tradition? Stuffing our face with ma3moul like there’s no tomorrow.

4. The family Eid pictures.

Your mom will pester you for these, so just give it up and pose.

5. The Eid outfits.

All documented via Instagram.

6. Celebratory fireworks and the occasional gunfire.

Is this really necessary?

7. The repetitive questions.

“Shu emta ha nefrah fik/e?

Yup. You’ll receive these face to face, by text, by phone, by fax… They’ll even send a carrier pigeon if they have to.

8. The disappointed glares from your parents.

Often when a family member is talking about their soon-to-be-married child while you’re still single forever.

9. The 3idiye prayers.

You desperately need a 3idiye this year, and preferably in dollars.

But look at the bright side, at least this year you’ll avoid the whole two kiss/three kiss confusion!

Eid Moubarak!