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Mia Arawi 22 May 2020

12 Of Beirut’s Best Iced Coffees To Get You Through The Heat Wave

Iced coffee season is finally upon us, so here’s a roundup of all our personal favorite ones around Beirut. Enjoy!

1. Spanish latte from The Coffee Room, Gemmayze

With four gorgeous rooms and selection of delectable bakes to choose from, we thought we’d make your drink choice easier and just recommend the Spanish latte.

2. The iced mocha latte from Home Sweet Home, Mar Mikhael

This Mar Mikhael gem is as homey as it gets, and it’s the perfect spot to sip on a iced coffee with one of their many awesome books in hand, or even while you finish up on work or catch up with your friends.

Note: They’ll be reopening on Friday, May 29th.

3. Espresso Fredo from Kaldi Coffee Bar, Hamra

With over 6 types of (fresh) cold coffee to choose from, your coffee craving is bound to be satisfied at Kaldi. Try their Date Shake for a twist on the usual!

4. Cold brew from The Backburner, Saifi Village

This tiny but mighty brewery offers some of the best coffee around! Refresh and energize with their flavorsome cold brew.

5. Mocafe Cool from Casper & Gambini’s, various locations

Treat yourself to an indulgent cup of frosted coffee at Casper & Gambini’s. They have several options including a cold brew, but our favorite is their signature Mocafe Cool.

6. Cold brew from Kalei Coffee Co., Mar Mikhael & Ras Beirut

Coffee shop and micro-roastery, Kalei Coffee Co. has become a favorite among Lebanese people for its delicious coffee and delightful outdoor setting. Try their new cold brew recipe for an instant thirst-quencher on a hot day.

7. Ice blended coffee from Grid Coffee Matrix

Pair it with some of their delicious pastries on the go!

8. Specialty iced coffee from Cafe Younes, various locations

Established in the 1960s, Cafe Younes is a must-try coffee spot in Beirut and a favorite among Lebanese people and foreigners alike. Aside from their mouthwatering menu and their delicious drinks, their specialty iced coffee is on a whole other level.

9. Iced latte from Papercup, Mar Mikhael

Because iced coffee is best enjoyed with a good read and some downtime, Papercup offers the best of both worlds.

10. Café Mocha from Lina’s, various locations

Delicious, decadent, cold, and coffee-filled!

11. Iced Mocha from Urbanista, various locations

To those who like their coffee iced iced baby, Urbanista has got you covered. Doesn’t get more refreshing than this.

12. Iced Shaken White Mocha from Starbucks, various locations

We can have this drink every day for the rest of our lives and never get tired of it.

What’s your favorite iced coffee?