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Tala Ramadan 27 May 2020

#Tafi_Ldaw Campaign: Reporting Street Lights Lit During The Day

While power cuts hobble the economy and subsidies have racked up one of the world’s largest public debt burdens, Lebanon still manages to have street lights on all day every day.

In this context, the #Tafi_Ldaw campaign was launched by Twitter activists with the help of an EDL employee, Anis Rouhana, to promote efficient street lighting and reduce wasted electricity and unnecessary lighting.

The EDL employee will allegedly take care of any infraction while citizens share locations of any encountered streetlights that would stay on throughout the day, serving no purpose except wasting electricity in an already power-starved country.

While day-lit streetlights are not the only example of wastage in the country, but this campaign can give us a chance to make a difference in cutting down energy waste in their country.