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Tala Ramadan 03 Jun 2020

This Lebanese Organization Is Working Towards Ending The Kafala System

In an effort to ensure the right to freedom for domestic workers in Lebanon and strengthen their legal protection mechanisms, This Is Lebanon, a project put together by former domestic workers and activists, is fighting tooth and nail.

The local organization aims to protect migrant domestic workers from abuse and to raise international awareness about the Lebanese kafala system, which is essentially modern-day slavery.

The project relentlessly campaigns and advocates through national and international media to bring this issue to the forefront and raise awareness among both the host population and the affected communities.

The heroes behind This is Lebanon use their social media platforms to share the stories of abused domestic workers in Lebanon and make their voices and pain heard.

TIL’s Facebook page has become the ‘hotline’ for abused domestic workers who have no one else to turn to.

Unfortunately, thousands of domestic workers have been denied the right to freedom of association and there are inadequate legal safeguards for migrant workers and some Lebanese laborers, leaving them vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

It is essential that we support such initiatives, for they could be the only hope for domestic workers.