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Labib Mansour 09 Jun 2020

18 Very Stressful Situations You Experience In Lebanon

Lebanon really puts the stress in stressful.

1. Driving with one of your parents in the passenger seat.

2. Getting your paperwork done at a government institution.

3. Keeping up with the currency exchange rate.

4. Driving anywhere, anytime.

5. Streaming series and movies using Lebanese internet.

6. Making your good-for-nothing salary last for a month.

7. Trying to make it home before the power cuts so you could use the elevator.

8. Meeting up with someone after gulping down two toum-loaded shawarmas.

9. Sitting through a family lunch that gets too political too fast.

10. Making it to the club in time for free entrance.

11. Introducing your partner to your Lebanese family.

12. Figuring out if you should go in for two or three kisses when greeting someone.

13. Planning out your non-existent future.

14. Co-existing with people who still blindly follow political parties.

15. Dating someone who hasn’t already dated your relative or friend.

16. Trying to answer the waiter with your mouth full.

17. Taking a service when you’re already late for work/university.

18. Using Google Maps to navigate through Lebanon’s zwerib.

What other stressful experiences can you think of?