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Beirut.com 09 Jun 2020

The Moghrabieh Sandwich You Have To Try In Lebanon

For those of you who agree that moghrabieh is among the top 10 best food inventions ever, just wait until you find out about this modern twist on your favorite dish.

A plateful of homemade moghrabieh is a dream come true after a long day, but a moghrabieh sandwich that costs close to nothing is on a whole other level.

Introducing: Al Dabbousi, a hidden gem in Tripoli’s old souks that is known as Malek Al Moghrabieh, and for good reason.

This local eatery specializes in wrapping up your meat-free favorite food in a loaf of freshly baked Arabic bread, and stuffed with pickled turnips to taste.

While we can’t resist a good shawarma or falafel, we simply cannot visit Tripoli without indulging in the most delectable moghrabieh sandwich for the ultimate street food experience.

Best part? This perfect meal is just 2,500 LL and is absolutely delicious.

You can find Al Dabbousi on Google Maps here. Make sure you ask for Abdallah!