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Tanya Maalouf 10 Jun 2020

This Knefeh Ice Cream Is The Ultimate Summer Treat

Knefeh and ice cream lovers gather round, we found the perfect sweet summer treat that will leave you BOTH coming back for more.

Known for their decadent, cheesy knefeh, L’abeille D’or have re-introduced their sweet creation with an icy twist.

Make your way to the pastry, with over 10 branches across the country, and ask for their all-new knefeh ice cream.

Best part? It’s served in a kaakeh!

In other words, you can now officially have ice cream for breakfast (don’t tell your mom though).

To top it all off, we recommend you try it with a well-deserved and generous chocolate drizzle, just to make sure that your sweet tooth is COMPLETELY satisfied.