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Lama Hajj 10 Jun 2020

Eco-tourism Pick of the Week: Al Haush Guesthouse

Editorial Purpose: We are sharing this in the hopes that you can discover the many hidden gems in Lebanon and learn about great local initiatives.

In brief:

A fun farm and estate turned stellar guesthouse in the Bekaa Valley that gives you a dose of nature and activities, wrapped in the comfort of a hotel.

The rise of eco-tourism and agri-tourism in Lebanon can be explained by our increasing desire to reconnect with nature. Serenity, calm, and disconnect seem to top the charts of things people are looking for when it comes to vacations and stay-cations which comes as no surprise considering our fast paced and always connected lives.

In the remote area of Bekaa’s Haush al Ghanam in Rayak lies the charming and functional Al Haush Guesthouse. Drop by for a unique experience that is both immersive and relaxing, with lodging facilities that hit the mark on comfort. Cherry on top? They have a magical pool you’ll want to hang out in all day long.

What can we do there?

With activities like wine and arak tasting, trekking and biking, agricultural workshops, and so much more, Al Haush Guesthouse provides everything but a passive lodging experience. They even have apricot and prune picking weekends and a lavender festival that runs through June, potato harvesting in July, olive picking events in October, and a rose festival in May. On the farm and the estate, you’ll also get to see all kinds of animals. This is truly a one of a kind space.

What are the rooms like?

As for the lodging aspect: the house is, in a way, a love letter to Lebanese farm houses. The 14 rooms are simple, understated, clean, and authentic with each room having some barnyard deco.

How about food and drink?

Visitors can enjoy their meals on the terrace, fresh ingredients with a focus on Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine such as grilled meats, organic salads, mezza, homemade cakes and fruit tarts from the orchard, and so much more. The unique thing about eating there is that Al Haush strives to be self sufficient, producing the most natural, seasonal and fresh ingredients which go from farm to plate within a few hours.

Perfect for families, groups, and couples, this charming guesthouse is a place to make some memories.

Stay tuned for next week’s eco and agri-tourism pick of the week for another feature!

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