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Tala Ramadan 15 Jun 2020

6 Journalists Were Assaulted While Covering Protests In Beirut And Tripoli On Friday

The SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom at the Samir Kassir Foundation reported that multiple journalists were assaulted during their coverage of protests on Friday as the gatherings took a violent turn in Beirut and Tripoli.

Editorial Purpose: We are sharing this piece of content to keep you in the loop on the latest happenings in the country.

The acts of violence began early on in the protests, and according to the report, both Al-Jadeed correspondent Layal Saad and LBCI correspondent Raneem Bou Khouzam were struck with rocks while they were covering the confrontations between the protesters and the security forces in Beirut.

According to the SKeyes report, MTV’s Elsy Moufarrej was attacked by security forces as she attempted to help two activists who were being detained. AFP’s Dylan Collins was pushed back as he attempted to cover the altercation.

In Tripoli, MTV correspondent Alan Dergham was wounded with rocks that were being thrown while covering the confrontations between the protesters and the security forces. MTV’s Joyce Akiki was also harassed several times at the hands of a number of demonstrators as they pulled the microphone out of her hand and insulted the channel, attempting to attack the cameraman as well.

Unfortunately, as the protests continue, journalists and activists remain at risk of harassment and physical violence.

Why is the media the target of these attacks?