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Tala Ramadan 16 Jun 2020

New Documentary Sheds Light On Faulty Dams In Lebanon

A new documentary prepared by Sky News Arabia detailing the effects of different dam projects reveals their problematic nature. For one, some hold potential seismic hazards that might lead to earthquakes, while others have been leaky and ineffective, thus being a major waste of public funds.

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The documentary highlights how the controversial Bisri Dam project that was intended to increase water supply in Lebanon stands on a highly-active earthquake fault that might impact not only local residents, but the surrounding region.

According to the interviewees in the documentary, the Bisri Dam project would be a threat to the valley’s unique natural environment and poses a serious risk to locals’ safety and livelihoods. Other environmentalists have gone on record to say that previous projects such as the Mseilha Dam cannot collect water because they were set up incorrectly and in the wrong places.

Due to the controversial nature of the Bisri dam project, the environmental damage it is expected to cause, and the alleged political ties the project is riding on, the World Bank agreed to reallocate the $45.5 million intended for the dam to two other projects in Lebanon, namely the Health System Enhancement Project ($40 million) and the Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Support Project ($5.5 million).

Will the Lebanese authorities pull the plug on the project or will this be swept under the rug?