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Beirut.com 19 Jun 2020

You Can Now Book A Stay At Lebanon’s Tiniest House

A unique staycation awaits on the coastline of Batroun, where Lebanon’s tiniest house is parked and set to welcome you in.

Located on the premises of a trendy garden by the sea, the first Tiny House in Lebanon offers a charming getaway for a small group on the lookout for a new experience.

Editorial Purpose: We are sharing this piece of content to spread some good energy and shed light on great local initiatives.

This adorable trailer-style house was introduced as the very first installation of the Puravida initiative, which was created by two Lebanese brothers who traveled the world for the better part of their lives and finally decided to settle back home and bring along Tiny Houses to the Lebanese market.

The tiny house presents a new way of life and advocates for simplicity. It is beautifully furnished in an efficient manner that makes use of tiny spaces and revamps the concept of a “typical home”.

You can experience all that for yourself by booking an unforgettable stay at this wonderful locale, which is also available for purchase.

Aside from getting the chance to be among the first Lebanese to spend a night inside this beautiful eco-friendly and low-maintenance mini property, you can also enjoy your surroundings at Bolero, a wonderful sunset bar and restaurant overlooking the most exemplary views.

For bookings, click here.

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