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William Daou 23 Jun 2020

Literally Just 15 Photos Of Mouthwatering Tawouk

Sometimes, all you need to get through a mundane Tuesday afternoon is a garlicky, juicy tawouk. Whether you like it on the skewer or in a sandwich, be prepared to get hungry!

Editorial Purpose:We thought we’d share this piece of content with you in the hopes of guiding you to the country’s best spots and most delicious eats.

1. Here it is

2. Extra toum, always

3. Stunning with the wrapper on

4. …and off!

5. With a generous dip of garlic

6. No better combo

7. Chilling on the grill

8. With all the perfect sides

9. Maybe you like a healthy version

10. Or a decadent one

11. Juicy AF

12. All lined up and ready to roll

13. Spiced to perfection

14. No better view

15. The perfect platter

Where do you love to eat tawouk?

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