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Lama Hajj 29 Jun 2020

MP Michel Daher: Lebanon Is Now A Cheap Country

In a surreal yet somehow expected statement from one of our members of parliament, we find yet again that we truly live on different planets.

Editorial Purpose: We are sharing this piece of content to give a voice to our people and possibly mobilize change.

A segment of an interview with MP Michel Daher has been circulating on social media due to the…interesting…content it holds. Do you remember when the very same man called having lunch at Le Grey A “Budget Meal”? We do.

During the interview with OTV, Daher tells a hilarious tale of him and two of his friends (congrats, you have two friends!) having lunch at what he calls the BEST RESTAURANT IN BEIRUT. He then expresses his surprise when the bill arrives and it is just 360,000 LL, citing it as cheap, saying it’s “only $60, a mere $20 a person” following it up with, “Lebanon is really cheap, in every sense”.

What Daher fails to mention (or even notice), is that unlike his circle of two friends and countless lackeys, not all of us get paid in dollars and are able to manipulate the crumbling currency so we can have a cheap lunch date. Hell, even those of us who are getting paid in dollars can only get deflated Lebanese Liras out of the bank. We’d also love to remind him that Lebanon’s minimum wage stands at a mere 650,000 LL – or, two lunches at “Beirut’s best restaurant” to put it in terms he’d understand.

It’s important to note that Daher is the owner and chairman of Daher Foods, the company that produces Masters potato chips, and other brands. Daher’s net worth is estimated to be

Well Michel, we’re happy to learn you’re still getting paid in dollars.

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