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Tanya Maalouf 30 Jun 2020

Lebanese Sheikh Offended By Swimwear… On The Beach

Another day, another matter of priority for religious figures in Lebanon.

Lebanese Sheikh Abbass Hoteit took to his Facebook account earlier this week to share footage from Yasour.org of women in swimsuits on the beach, criticizing them for wearing beachwear…. to the beach.

Editorial Purpose: We are sharing this piece of content to give a voice to our people and possibly mobilize change.

The sheikh found it so offensive that he just HAD to share these photos on his Facebook without any consent to prove a point.

He even labelled it as a “social catastrophe” and a “dangerous situation” that shall not pass, and criticized the leaders of our society for not “covering up their women” and making our beaches “resemble those of the west”.

LOL. There truly isn’t much to say about this level of misogyny and ignorance. Imagine needing every human on earth to conform to your own way of living in order to feel validated.

And while this very religious and moral sheikh took to the time to rant about women in bikinis on his social media, we’ve yet to see any posts from his end about the 13 year old boy who was raped and abused by three men in Sohmor, West Bekaa.

Is that not a social catastrophe? Does it not go against his teachings and beliefs? Or is that okay because it doesn’t give him control over women’s bodies?

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