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Tala Ramadan 01 Jul 2020

Beirut Airport Finally Reopens

After nearly four months of lockdown, Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport has finally reopened and is operating at 10% capacity, welcoming around 2,000 passengers a day.

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Self-quarantine upon arrival is no longer a requirement, however all passengers will be subject to a PCR test once they land. Those who have been tested before departure will have to isolate for 24 to 48 hours until they are informed of the results. Those who have NOT been tested before will be subject to two PCR tests and will also have to stay home until both results come out. Arrivals who test positive for coronavirus should follow the instructions of the Health Ministry until they recover.

With the airport now open, the Lebanese government is hoping that thousands of expatriates will return for the summer and bring along dollars desperately needed to prop up the crashing economy. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Hassan Diab called on expats to “bring in as much dollars as they would like” to support their families and country, and to ignore rumors about the black market.

But the question remains, do expats even want to inject more of their money into this country?

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