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Beirut.com 15 Jul 2020

This Lebanese Town Is Hosting A Marathon To Combat COVID-19

Nothing like a public crowded event to fight off a highly-contagious virus.

AL-Eklim Festivals Committee is organizing a marathon titled “Together, We Face COVID-19”, set to take place in the Lebanese town of Siblin on Sunday, August 12, 2020.

It gets better. The event will be held under the supervision of the Minister of Public Health, Hamad Hassan. The very person who celebrated the defeat of COVID-19 with a mass gathering and some dabke, right before the pandemic reached an all-time high again.

According to the committee, all profit from the event will be allocated to the Siblin Governmental Hospital to help support it with its fight against the novel coronavirus.

While this is a lovely local initiative to support public hospitals during these tough times, we hope the event will adhere to adequate health precautions.

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